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In times of crisis and chaos, people need hope, direction and help in dealing with the unknowns and fears.

We are increasing our sessions to every week and providing education and group coaching dedicated to helping you deal with all the craziness. We are going to focus on how to move forward and minimize the negative impact. We want turn this into an opportunity to grow and thrive. To come out the other side of this stronger, more excited, and serving more and more people.  We want to give a positive model to follow instead of the depending on anyone else that is spreading fear and doom.

Want to be part of a enthusiastic, goal driven, growth oriented group that focuses on becoming truly excellent at what they do without running into dream crushers, naysayers, or just plain party poopers?

Introducing the Seekers of Excellence Mastermind Group
 where you get all of that and much, much more . . .

Are you:

  • Are you tired of the mediocre results you have been getting?
  • Frustrated with all the hype and hoopla trying to sell you a get rich quick idea?
  • ​Feel like your dreams are so far out of reach, you will never get there?
  • ​Want success but are struggling to make any progress?
  • ​Tired of the rat race and want to get off the hamster wheel?
  • ​Looking for a new and better path?

Do you want:

  • Want more out of life?
  • Want to feel like you are making a positive impact?
  • ​Want success but are struggling to make any progress?
  • ​Want to make real progress towards your goals and dreams?
  • ​Want to be inspired and excited about your life and where it is going?
  • Want help & support along your journey as you take on the big goals?
  • ​Want meaningful and authentic connections with like-minded people?
So many people are wanting to be, do and have more in their lives but are struggling to make that a reality for themselves. The biggest thing that most people lack is a positive, supportive group that encourages them to seek out their goals and dreams.  Someone to share the joys of success and someone to help them up when they fall down.  

A group of positive, like minded, growth oriented people who are pursuing their dreams and are wanting and willing to support those who are on a similar journey.

A place where you feel safe to share your dreams where you won't run into any "dream crushers" telling you "You can't achieve it."  Where the people understand the struggle you are facing.  Where you are inspired to dream big, challenged to get busy, and held accountable for taking action.  

Where you learn the strategies of the successful and motivated to make your goals and dreams a reality.  
Where you're taught "You are doing the world a disservice if you fail to live up to your potential and fulfill the mission you were given to complete."

Brian Lovegrove


• Founder and Director of Summit Coaching & Training Institute
• Certified Coach, Trainer, & Speaker with the John Maxwell Team
• Strategic Intervention Coach certification with the Robbins-Madanes team led by Tony Robbins
• Amazon Best Selling Author of The Abundance Factor with Joe Vitale
I got my start with personal and professional development when I as in middle school. I bought my first program when I was 17: Unlimited Power by Tony Robbins. I have been following him ever since.  I helped put on and promoted his seminars.  I have been a bit of a seminar junkie for many years.

But I really didn't make the progress that I was wanting.  I had a good life but it wasn't great.  I hit 40 and thought I would be so much farther along towards my dreams.  But I wasn't.  There was something I was missing.

You ever been to a great seminar and got all kinds of amazing information and got all excited about the changes you were going to make and then got home and life slapped you upside the head?  You know, the family demanding your attention, the boss, the exploding email box, and all the fires you have to put out because you were gone for several days.  By that time, the energy and excitement have worn off and you have no clue where to start.  So you don't.

The biggest thing that shifted for me was getting a coach.  Someone who held me accountable and guided me on my journey. Who pushed me, encouraged me, and helped me see what was truly possible for me.

We created what I wished I had back when I was getting started.  A positive, supportive, empowering group where you are inspired to grow and realize your full potential. To fulfill your mission and live an incredible life full of joy and fulfillment.
Brian is great at “getting in the trenches with you.” He doesn’t try to fit you into his program. He personalizes his program to fit you and your situation.
He doesn’t stop at the surface level but dives deep into what is holding you back. I always feel truly understood by him and he wants me to be my best. His coaching evolves based upon my growth and progress.

Jonathan H.
Working with Brian has made a huge impact on my business and my life. The biggest thing for me was the accountability part by keeping me on track with my own set actions. He helped me to overcome barriers when I wasn't completing things that I had been wanted to do or had been procrastinating on.
It helped me double my business revenue and move up two levels in the compensation plan!

Rocio V.
Brian has an innate way of helping entrepreneurs work through the nuances of setting goals and following through on actions. He listens to understand your fears and concerns and helps you develop a plan for taking your business to the next level. Without being pushy, he allows you to follow your own path while gently guiding you as an accountability partner.

Lindsay N.

Education Sessions

You have to grow in order to succeed.

You need new strategies, ideas, and reminded of the ones you have already been exposed to but are not using.
Here is the place to learn those.  

Each month, You will get training that is focused on developing the habits and skills you need. So you take the actions you need to create the results you want.  You will get action steps on how to apply the material in your life immediately and practice it throughout the month.

All sessions have extended Q&As so you make sure you understand the material as well as how to apply it to your life.  

Group Coaching

Get the answers to the questions you didn't even know to ask!

Group coaching is a powerful way to learn and grow.  Group coaching is where you get to deal with the limiting beliefs, poor programming and develop a whole new level of awareness.  

The coach works with one person individually while the rest of the group observes. You reflect on the questions being asked on how do they apply to your situation.  Coaching can be on any area of your life since each aspect of our lives impacts and influences the others.

The goal is to give everyone on the call an opportunity to be coached if they want. Time permitting of course.   

Facebook Group

Each member is invited to join the closed Facebook group where they can interact with the other Seekers and staff to get help, support, guidance, and even a cheer leading squad.

We want this group to become a friends and encouragers of one another.  Where you can share your successes and struggles.  

Where when you are stuck and need help immediately, you can reach out and ask for it.  Get feedback, support, and encouragement from people who taking the same journey you are.

Part of a Community

So many people have told us they feel alone on their crusade to make a difference, to make a positive impact on the world.

We are building a place where those people can come together and support one another.  So we all can change the world. Each of us in our own way.

You don't even have to show up for every event.  Each session will be recorded and posted into the membership area so you can go back and watch/listen to them when it is convenient for you.

Does this sound like a place you want to hang out?
You can be a part of this group for only $5.00!

The normal monthly membership investment is $107, but we want you to come experience the impact this group can have on your life.  
So we made it easy for you to try out.  
We are offering a special trial rate of only $5.00 
so you can experience for yourself and see if it is a good fit for you.
This is a one time only payment; no subscription. 

Unfortunately, our group is full at this time.

If this sounds like a group you would like to be apart of, please fill out the form to be added to our waiting list. We will invite these people first as we have spaces open up.

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Included in your Membership:

  • Live Educational Session with Q&A (via Zoom) each month
  • Live Group Coaching Session (via Zoom) each month
  • Participate in a closed Facebook group with other Seekers
  • Access recorded sessions & trainings through membership portal
  • Support and Encouragement of like-minded, growth oriented people
  • ​ BONUS: Free copy of the ebook and audio version of Unleash Your Fear
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